Love Restoration (LR) fulfills its aims and objectives by

  • Involving parents, guardians and family heads in improving family relations, care and observing their respective responsibilities.
  • Raising funds and receiving contributions where appropriate to finance and Support Children in Education.
  • Supporting the less privileged with basic needs which include food, shelter, and healthcare.
  • Inculcating Christian values to children through Sunday school teachings and Bible training.
  • Connecting Children to age mate pen pals to promote
    children’s communication skills and increase their self-esteem.
  • Providing effective care to children through the provision of nutritious meals, performing medical evaluations and counseling.

Light to Children
The Bible calls us to be the salt and Light of the world and we try to do exactly that on a daily basis


Child Sponsorship
We receive $30 from a child’s sponsor to support the child in school and provide medication.

As the world becomes a global village, we connect people from different parts of the world to interchange their culture through what we call pen-pals.

Is the Lord calling you to be generous to the less privileged or less fortunate people in Uganda? if yes,