About Us

Love Restoration (LR) is a non-profit community-based organization, committed to doing acts of charity to the less privileged. Love Restoration’s philosophy centers on the final words of 1 Corinthians 13:13, “the greatest of these [values] is love and expands love by empowering the community to care for its children. LR provides social services for children, as well as business opportunities for community empowerment rooted in the cause of children. At LR, we believe that the world would be better if love was fully exercised. We would have no corruption, no wars, and no hatred. Selfishness would just turn to selflessness and people would do unto others what they would love them do for them.

The need for Love Restoration

Without Love its hard growing up in a country where tomorrow is a gift, where adversity is an everyday reality. Some children are filled with the everyday reality of misery and so need an act of Love and Compassion. Over time I have learned what love means and would like to see its seeds spread out to others. I believe that little is enough when given with Love “Gilbert Mfitundinda”

Mission Statement

To provide education, health care, and nutrition to underprivileged children aged 3-16 years in Kisoro- South Western Uganda. We do this through collaborative partnerships with individuals, businesses, churches and community leaders.

Vision Statement

To see communities empowered to care for deprived children

Our Core Values

1. Discipleship: We believe in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and nurturing believers
(Mathew 28:18-20)
2. Innovation: We encourage sharing new ideas and believe in changing the status quo (Genesis 1: 1-31).
3. Love: The Love of Jesus compels us to Love as He loves (1 Corinthians 13:1-13).
4. Community: We believe in people’s potential (Romans 12:4-5).
5. Family: We are committed to strengthening family relationships (Ephesians 1:5)