Conducive environment

In 2014, we started a school to provide education and a nutritious meal to kids. Our school is located at Gasasa TC Rwaramba Parish Kisoro district. The initial enrolment of 20 children has grown to 340 children currently enrolled at our school. To ensure that children at our school study well, we have fed them every day since 2014. Our desire is to provide nutritional meals because good food costs more than empty calories.

At our school, we also have clean water so that kids can be able to go back home with containers of water after school. Each child needs at least $10 to be fed on a nutritious for a month. The feeding program run at our school is a huge blessing.

Our grades run from Grade 7. For the parents that have better jobs, they pay $30 in three months. Love Restoration currently supports over 100 children whose parents are too poor to pay school fees. Love Restoration is currently looking for sponsors for those children from poor families in order for them to remain in school. Contact us today if you want to fight the school dropout rate for good.